Emerlyr: A Quest Across America to Save the Elves

An unknown enemy has stolen the legendary Rosul and broken the magic hiding the secret realm of the Ellouarch from our strange and dangerous modern world. The Lords of Emerlyr proclaim that Kelvy, a half-Ellouarch boy, is one of the conspirators. Kelvy is an unruly and resentful misfit, an enchanting liar, and magical incompetent. To save the Ellouarch and prove his innocence, Kelvy escapes into our forbidden human wonderland and attempts to recover the Rosul by finding his human father, who disappeared before Kelvy was born with a talisman that can locate lost magic. Kelvy searches a modern American landscape alive with fabled creatures, doomed warring races, and outlandish technology that seems to him, well, magical. But can Kelvy outwit or outrun the regenerated demons and dragons hunting him? Can – or should – he trust his unwanted quest companions, a silver-tongued prince of the fallen lycanthropic kingdom and a cursed gargoyle thief? And if Kelvy solves the mystery of Emerlyr’s vanished magic, can he make the sacrifices necessary to save the Ellouarch, most of whom have rejected and condemned him?

Emerlyr Chapter 1: The Madlands


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