The People’s Eye

The People’s Eye is an online investigative journal launched by several of my friends, notably Ed Feckler and Denny Braglow. I’m really a silent partner in the whole thing, and I’m trying to keep it that way. The People’s Eye probes governmental involvement in paranormal and classified activities, and has so far been pretty successful journalistically. The financial and organizational foundations are, to be honest, still “a work in progress.” I’ll be posting Ed’s and Denny’s pieces here because The People’s Eye website crashed again. Ed says a covert governmental agency hacked it. Denny says it’s because Ed didn’t pay the hosting service’s bill. I’m trying to stay out of it, but every time I tell them I’m pulling out of the project, Ed and Denny threaten to spam some incriminating evidence they’ve got about the source material for my (rejected) Master’s Thesis, “Young Goodman Brown: America’s First Alien Abduction.”

Anyway, Ed and Denny have been following major stories about, respectively, the Ashkan Institute of Technology’s ultra-secret Phasal Convergence Spatial Consolidator, which could enable us to trade with extraterrestrials, and a new behavioral virus that can direct infected citizens’ voting decisions.

Stay tuned.


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